Naughty Mosaic

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A colorful mosaic of massage ads regularly stuck in my door in Beijing, China. If they can get away with littering my apartment entrance with these cards, then I’m going to make use of them, and not in the way they intend (I used to collect baseball cards as a kid but don’t happen to know anyone I can swap massage cards with). Nothing is as it seems anyway. The phone numbers listed are not those of the girls you see in the pictures but agencies farming the work out to freelancers. The girls in the pictures are of course not the same ones who will pay you a house call (I presume the pics are Japanese idols pulled off the internet or copied directly from similar ads in Japan – why would any of these agencies shell out the time and expense to photograph Chinese models?). And the ones who pay you a house call are very disappointed to find out you take things at face value and are actually interested in massage. Click thumbnails to expand.

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