NEWLY PUBLISHED: Sexual Fascism: Essays

At present the USA is the global innovator in sexual repression, with almost one million Americans under electronic surveillance, many rendered unemployable and indigent for offenses as minor as frat-party mooning or streaking, consensual relations between teenagers, teen sexting, erotic massage, and public urination. We seem to be a step closer to Big Brother telescreens installed in every home and Thought Police crashing through bedroom windows. But if George Orwell’s 1984 comes to mind, it’s not the right starting point. Sexual fascism takes root, rather, in the telescreens that we install inside our heads. And because sexual self-discipline is never enough, we grant powers to the state to give us a helping hand and extend its control over the population with an expanding array of judicial and carceral measures, all obscured by illusory freedoms of sexual choice and expression. The essays in this collection investigate the paradox of a culture where sexual freedom is retreating under the illusion of advancing.



Introduction (book only)

Chapter 1 The Sewage System, or What Is Fascism?

Chapter 2 The State of Rage: The American Sexual Dystopia

Chapter 3 Toilet Terror

Chapter 4 An American Talisman

Chapter 5 American Massage

Chapter 6 Massage diary: Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Chapter 7 The Breasts of Bali: An Update

Chapter 8 A Modest Proposal Regarding Sex Work: Why All Sex Should Be Paid For

Chapter 9 Transgressions: From Porn to Polyamory

Chapter 10 Sexual Surveillance in the Age of Covid-19


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Sexual Fascism: Essays



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